Rochelle Canteen – Arnold Circus, London E2 7ES

Rochelle Canteen

Rochelle Canteen is in an old school yard in Shoreditch, the school building itself seems to have been taken over by New Media hipsters and their design businesses. It was a really beautiful day in London so it was fantastic sitting outside … Continue reading

Viet Grill – 58 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DP

Viet Grill


A more recent review of Viet Grill can be found here.


Sake lamb skewer – Nice char, simple tasty lamb dish, not sure I could taste the sake.

Indochine beef – beef cooked in lime juice with loads of onion, massive flavour, as good as Cay Tre.

Stewed Saigon pork belly – my favourite, fatty, ugly and maybe a little confronting for some. Pork belly stewed in coconut juice. The pork melts in your mouth.

Flamed Wok Chicken – nice and light chicken dish, crowd pleasing especially for those afraid of pork belly.

Crispy tofu – cooked with scallions, honey and lime.

Pan-fried Basa fish – coated in turmeric oil, lemongrass & topped with chilli


Cognac ‘luc lac’ shaking beef – garlic heavy beef but the serving is too small, I much prefered the lamb to this dish.

Chillied, salted & peppered squid – this was dry and overcooked, I’ve had much better elsewhere.

Dos Cojones!

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Cay Tre – 301 Old Street, London EC1V 9LA

Cay Tre


Cua farci – vietnamese stuffed swimming crab
The crab was great, the noodles, crab and mushroom are sealed in the shell with egg. The contents in the shell were quite dense and dry but mixed well with the crab and sauce on the plate.

Chả cá lã vọng –  la vong grilled fish
Monkfish with lots of dill, the preparation is finished at your table by a waiter, it looked like a hell of a lot of dill when the waiter began frying the dish but turned out to be a nice fragrant dish, not special enough to be called a signature dish but theatrical.

Các món rang muối – chilied, salted & peppered squid
Nice and light, not chewy but it could have done with a little lime or light dipping sauce to accompany it.

Bò tái chanh – indochine beef
Thins beef strips, lots of onions and herbs cevicehed in lime juice, really fresh and flavoursome.

Bò lúc lắc – cognac “luc lac” shaking beef fillet mignon
Very tender, nicely seasoned, great beef.

The restaurant is small and very loud, particularly downstairs where you have to scream to be heard. I prefer Viet Grill as it’s the same menu and much more pleasant atmosphere. They also include a 12.5% discretionary service charge automatically on your bill. I hate that!

Un Cojón!

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Hoxton Furnace – 1 Rufus Street, London N1 6P



The pizzas is not to thick and the wood oven gives it a nice authentic flavour, the tomato sauce is rich but maybe a little thin and wet.

The best pizza was the Ventricina (salami and peppers), the ham and mushroom pizza was a little bland.

I like this place because you can book and you aren’t forced to share a table with strangers in seats that are way too close together (fuck you Pizza East).

However once again I have to ask why is pizza so expensive in the UK?

Un Cojón!

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Brick Lane Beigel – 159 Brick Lane, London E1 6SB

Brick Lane Beigel


Perhaps I’ve had too many of them, or maybe my taste buds have changed but I just can’t stomach these Salt Beef Beigels any longer. What used to be a deep committed love is no longer. I don’t enjoy the beef, I find it tough, stringy and with very little flavour, this explains the smothering mustard. The beigel itself is ok but I think I prefer my salt beef on rye which is available but previous experience has proven that it’s not very good either.

Sin Cojones!

Rosa’s- 12 Hanbury Street, London E1 6QR

Rosa's London


Gai Hor Bai Teay – Chicken marinated in garlic and coriander root and pepper wrapped in pandan leaves.

The chicken was overcooked and tough, like chewing on leather, very disappointing. I know you’re not supposed to eat the pandan leaves but I actually always find them really tasty, in this case significantly more tasty than the chicken.

Gaeh Yang – Char-grilled rack of lamb served with spicy dry chilli sauce and cooled steamed vegetables.

The lamb was another story, well marinated, smoky and nicely pink in the middle, a really tasty piece of meat. The accompanying sauce was well balanced between sweet and chilli. The vegetables were mediocre and cold, they had the life cooked out of them and tasted as though they had been sitting warmed for hours.

Un Cojón!

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Boundary Rooftop – 2-4 Boundary Street, London E2 7DD

Boundary Rooftop


London isn’t the best city for Rooftop bars, firstly it isn’t that pretty to look at, particularly East London, but mostly it’s because the weather is awful and unpredictable. On a freezing September night I find myself at the Boundary Rooftop wrapped in two woolen blankets eating dinner, this may have influenced my whole experience.

Starters: King prawns (advertised as Langoustines) have a nice BBQ flavour to them, served with mayo, yawn. The Nicoise salad is disappointing, dry flavourless tuna accompanied by just as bland olives and tomatoes with barely any vinaigrette.

Main: Steak with bone marrow and chips, the steak and chips are acceptable, the bone marrow is not, it’s over seasoned so tastes mostly of salt.

Dessert: The Pavlova is rock hard completely inedible, the worst pavlova I have ever eaten.

Our waiter was great and very accommodating of a large annoying group. But the food was just awful.

Sin Cojones!

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