Rochelle Canteen – Arnold Circus, London E2 7ES

Rochelle Canteen

Rochelle Canteen is in an old school yard in Shoreditch, the school building itself seems to have been taken over by New Media hipsters and their design businesses. It was a really beautiful day in London so it was fantastic sitting outside … Continue reading

Caravan – 11-13 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QD

Caravan Exmouth Market


Loved the Squid Pancake, a Japanese style pancake served with mayo and okonomiyaki sauce. The Cornbread and Chipotle Butter and the Sweetcorn with Teriyaki butter were great. The Pickled Mackerel was also a stand out.

Liked the sharing plate, nice falafel, eggplant relish, hummus and merguez sausage but could have done without the pickled carrots. The salt beef fritters were too dry, the accompanying beans with mustard dressing also didn’t do it for me.

Forget the Pork filled Gypsy Bun, thick, hard pastry with dry pork, very disappointing.

The staff are a little to chummy with each other, dancing about and faking that they really like each other, it felt a bit like Empire Records at times but no one was as hot as Liv Tyler.

Dos Cojones!

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