Banana Tree – 75-79 Battersea Rise, London SW11 1HN

Banana Tree

Banana Tree according to urbanspoon is the most popular restaurant in London. The cuisine is a mix of Thai, Malay and a little Vietnamese thrown in. The Vietnamese spring rolls were good, with glass noodles and vegetables. I prefer the … Continue reading

Kopi Tiam – 67 Charing Cross Road, London WC2H 0NE

Kopi Tiam


On entering the restaurant we were given a Thai menu, this had us immediately confused and thinking we had walked into the wrong place. We got up to leave and were quickly met by a staff member who asked us what the problem was, we told him we think we have the wrong restaurant, we wanted Malaysian, he then confirmed they have two menus, a Thai and a Malaysian. It seems gweilo’s are assumed to want Thai food as Malaysian is maybe too weird.

I love Malaysian food, after Vietnamese it’s probably my next favourite.

Roti Canai – the bread was dry, tough and over cooked. The curry was watery and bland.

Sambal Carrot Cake, despite the name carrot this i’m sure was made out of chinese radish. I know this dish, it is typically called turnip cake, even though it’s not made out of turnips either. This dish lacked the expected crunch and was a soggy disappointment. The extra vegetables and flavourings you’d expect with this dish were not their. I don’t like Cha Cha Moon but their turnip cake is far superior and exactly how it should be done.

The Stir Fried Sambal Aubergine swam in fish sauce, there was nothing sambal (chilli) about it.

The Rendang Beef like all the other dishes had no depth, a generic Rendang sauce any Malay would toss out the window. It had nothing on the Rendang I had a few weeks earlier at Enak Enak.

The Curry Laksa was the worst I have ever had, coconut milk mixed with a thoughtless laksa paste, awful egg noodles, cheap nasty chicken and not a single ingredient else. The curry paste was weak with no complexity or depth.

In general the service was not so much rude as it was weird, our waitress was loud and aggressive, not in a rude way, more like a seven year old robot.

This place is a shithole.

Sin Cojones!
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