Le Café Anglais – 8 Porchester Gardens, London W2 4DB

Le Café Anglais

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The dish you always read about at Le Café Anglais is the Anchovy Toast with Parmesan Custard, I can handle anchovies in things but must admit I don’t love them. This dish did not change my mind, it’s served as little toast soldiers with an anchovy tapenade spread between two pieces of bread. The parmesan custard comes in a little egg type cup. The custard was quite dense and more creme brulee like, it didn’t inspire me.

The other Hors D’oeuvre we tried was the Fennel & Felino Salami with Agro Dolce Onions. The salami was fantastic, great flavour, texture and sliced super thin. The onions were a great accompaniment.

We tried the Raw Tuna with Ginger Dressing, which I enjoyed a lot but the ginger seemed a little burnt, this may or may not be the case but there was something strange about the ginger that ruined the dish for me.

For main I had the Rack of Lamb with Ratatouille and Black Olive Jus, the lamb was cooked well but didn’t have that earthy grass taste that good lamb should have. The Ratatouille was under seasoned and the jus was bland. Generally a dissapointing dish.

The service was ok, probably overattentive, too many wine glass and water glass top ups which interrupt conversation flow. Also I ordered the wine but the waiter gave my guest the wine to try, this seemed t be his Italian sense of humour (general sleaziness), he said something about being a modern man and letting the lady taste the wine. Personally I think he was a dip shit.

Sin Cojones!


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Brawn – 49 Columbia Road, London E2 7RG


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Parmigiano reggiano – delicious cheese, bit of bite but not too sharp

Saucisse seche – this is quite tough, but a fantastic flavour, I assume the exact same we were served at Terroirs.

Brawn – a pork terrine, very chunky, great flavour, not gelatinous or overly salty like so many are.

Best dish was the hand dived scallop with garlic butter, it came with the nicest pesto I’ve ever tried, a mix of basil and parsley.

The Dorset clams were ok they were swimming in olive oil and that’s all you could taste, it was an amazing olive oil but the accompanying clams, chilli and ham were tasteless.

Whole Dorset crab was good, but for me crab is too much work for too little pay off, very little meat and you end up eating a whole lot of shell. When I did get the meat out it was good, but not worth the frustration.

The floating island was great, a light custard cream and foamy island. The toffee scattered on top was too strong and tasted burnt.

Great lemon tart, the island was better but this is a solid tart.

Dos Cojone!


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Terroirs – 5 William IV Street, London WC2N 4DY


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We didn’t have a reservation so we ended up downstairs, it was early evening so we were the only people downstairs at the bar. I could tell Terroirs had a good wine list but I know nothing about wine, our waiter was very good in helping us select a wine, he went through a number of suggestions giving us a good breakdown of each. There were a lot of staff downstairs all speaking French, I have no idea what they were talking about so this irritated me, this is probably not justified.

The Charcuterie selection was great, the Pork & Pistachio Terrine was delicious, it’s quiet a smooth terrine, pate-ish even, it looked dense but was light and seasoned nicely with herbs. The Duck Rillettes were delicious, moist duck without that really heavy fat flavour and texture that so often comes with this dish. I didn’t mind the Saucisson, I always find this tough and dry, I assume this is how the French do it. I’ll stick with Italian and Spanish cured meats.

The Tuscan Raw Steak was oddly not called tartare in a French restaurant, maybe because this seemed to be a much simplier dish when compared to a tartare, there were no capers, onions or egg. It was simple but the meat was delicious.

Un Cojón!


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Le Palais Du Jardin – Westfield Ariel Way, London W12 7GE

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The Foie Gras was rich but a little runny and stringy, a really odd consistency and served with two thick slices of apple as well as chopped apple. Way too much apple.

The Grilled Lobster with butter sauce, was ok, it’s only £15 so it was as good as a £15 lobster could be, it could be more tender, more meaty.

The fries were great, they tasted just like McDonalds fries, and super salty.

This place is in Westfields and is greatly effected by it’s souless surroundings, it would need to be an amazing restaurant to get past the awful atmosphere created by the monolith mall.

Sin Cojones!

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Les Deux Salons – 40-42 William IV Street, London WC2N 4DD

Les Deux Salons

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Dined here on opening night, only a few hours after the workmen left the building.

Starters: Veal ravioli, cheese and spinach wrapped in a thin slice of cured veal, I liked this but could not really taste the veal as the hard cheese grated on top was quite strong. The snail and ham pie had a nice pastry and sauce, but I’m not much of a pie man.

Mains: Pork Belly Petit Sale was moist and delicious, served with lentils. The saddle of Rabbit with pumpkin gnocchi was also yum, great flavour.

Desserts: Paris Brest was a little heavy going but good to share.

First day issues: A really long wait for both entree and main, over an hour for our main after the entree. They completely forgot our side orders. We were served by four different people.

I really liked it. Dos Cojones!


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