Le Café Anglais – 8 Porchester Gardens, London W2 4DB

Le Café Anglais

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The dish you always read about at Le Café Anglais is the Anchovy Toast with Parmesan Custard, I can handle anchovies in things but must admit I don’t love them. This dish did not change my mind, it’s served as little toast soldiers with an anchovy tapenade spread between two pieces of bread. The parmesan custard comes in a little egg type cup. The custard was quite dense and more creme brulee like, it didn’t inspire me.

The other Hors D’oeuvre we tried was the Fennel & Felino Salami with Agro Dolce Onions. The salami was fantastic, great flavour, texture and sliced super thin. The onions were a great accompaniment.

We tried the Raw Tuna with Ginger Dressing, which I enjoyed a lot but the ginger seemed a little burnt, this may or may not be the case but there was something strange about the ginger that ruined the dish for me.

For main I had the Rack of Lamb with Ratatouille and Black Olive Jus, the lamb was cooked well but didn’t have that earthy grass taste that good lamb should have. The Ratatouille was under seasoned and the jus was bland. Generally a dissapointing dish.

The service was ok, probably overattentive, too many wine glass and water glass top ups which interrupt conversation flow. Also I ordered the wine but the waiter gave my guest the wine to try, this seemed t be his Italian sense of humour (general sleaziness), he said something about being a modern man and letting the lady taste the wine. Personally I think he was a dip shit.

Sin Cojones!


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Osteria Basilico – 29 Kensington Park Road, London W11 2EU

Osteria Basilico

From blog.mawi.co.uk

The waitor looked at me like I was talking Chinese when I asked for a Campari spritz. They eventually bought me Campari soda. They have procesco on the menu.

Scamorza affumicata con Funghi misti e Prosciutto di Parma
Char-grilled smoked Mozzarella served with Wild Mushrooms on a Bed of Parma Ham.
The entree was everything I love about Italian food, simple great ingredients. A great salty cured ham, mushrooms in a rich olive oil, chewy mozzarella.

Mezze Maniche con Melanzane, Pomodoro e Mozzarella
Pasta Tubes with Aubergines, Mozzarella Cheese, Basil, and Tomato Sauce.
The pasta was incredibly bland, the sauce was watery and lacked seasoning, it was too simple and without depth. The tomatoes lacked sweetness, they weree fresh when I think canned would have been a way better option.

Service was below par, surly and with no consistent waiter, for a tiny place it felt like 9 people served us.

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Le Palais Du Jardin – Westfield Ariel Way, London W12 7GE

From thefooddiaries.com

The Foie Gras was rich but a little runny and stringy, a really odd consistency and served with two thick slices of apple as well as chopped apple. Way too much apple.

The Grilled Lobster with butter sauce, was ok, it’s only £15 so it was as good as a £15 lobster could be, it could be more tender, more meaty.

The fries were great, they tasted just like McDonalds fries, and super salty.

This place is in Westfields and is greatly effected by it’s souless surroundings, it would need to be an amazing restaurant to get past the awful atmosphere created by the monolith mall.

Sin Cojones!

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Leong’s Legend – 82 Queensway, London W2 3RL

Leong's Legend

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We started with dumplings, the Classic, Pork & Crab and Chicken, all were nice, my favourite were the Pork and Crab, their flavour was richer and really juicy inside.

The Braised Pork Belly was good but a little too fatty, the meat a little bland, after having had Viet Grills Pork Belly the week before it did not match up.

My favourite dish was the Ginger Chicken with Rice Wine and Sesame Oil soup, a great fragrant broth.

The waitress told us we should not order the Ginger Duck with Sake served in a clay pot, she said the flavour generally did not agree with whitey’s palates. We were deeply offended and ordered it anyway. We should have listened, it tasted medicinal, not bad but not good, very herby and earthy.

The Belly of Lamb in spicy herbal sauce was good but like the pork the meat seemed cheap and could have had more flavour.

The only vegetable dish I remember is the Aubergine with Mashed Garlic and Tao Pan sauce, this was delicious but I say that about every eggplant dish I eat.

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Tosa – 332 King Street, London W6 0RR


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I’m a sucker for pork belly, loved it, served in a hot pot with mustard and green beans. Mustard with pork belly is a genius idea, Koya also do this.

Chicken yaka were good but could have been more tender, a little overdone.

I didn’t mind the deep fried fish in vinegar but i’m into pickled things whereas my companion found the cold soaked deep fried fish weird.

The pork with shiso leaf was my favourite of the three grilled items we ordered. Shiso tastes a bit like mint a good combination with tender pork.

The food here is not as good as Roka but a hell of a lot cheaper.

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Best Mangal – 104 North End Road, London W14 9EX

Best Mangal

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My mate Jimbo used to eat here four nights a week. Surprisingly Jimbo is actually a refined, healthy and trim young fellow. I understand his passion, a succulent delicious lamb shish kebab with simple salad, served in a really thin and slightly chewy flat bread. A fantastic kebab cooked on a charcoal grill.

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