IKEA – Valley Park, Croydon CR0 4UZ


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Swedish Meatballs

As someone who went to a school that did not serve school dinners I love the IKEA restaurant, I love lining up with my tray and being surrounded by hundreds of noisy people and screaming children. The meatballs are ok, they are saved by the cream sauce and lingonberry jam.

Skip the desserts, they are all awful.

Un Cojón!



Gordon Ramsay Plane Food – Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport TW6 2GA

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food Banana Pancakes

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I don’t like pancakes, they are too heavy and hard work, Gordon Ramsay’s did nothing to change my opinion. The honeycomb butter was nice, just wish it came with crumpets instead. I did have a very nice waiter, he even convinced me to try an elderflower bellini at 7.30am, this was also average. I will try the proper menu next time.

Sin Cojones!


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