The Sportsman – Faversham Road Whitstable, Kent CT5 4BP


This place looks like your average sea-side pub, the dining room is casual, airy, not a tablecloth in site.

We had the tasting menu, eight courses but with a lot of extras thrown in.

The pork scratchings were soft, warm and chewy, they came with a whole grain mustard dipping sauce, absolutely delicious. These were served with pickle herring, herring isn’t my thing so no comment here.

The chilled courgette soup was creamy, sweet and salty. Served with some amazing pancetta, the sweet ham went fantastically well with the savoury courgette.

The lobster ravioli in a lobster bisque was my only disappointing dish. The bisque was too strong and seemed a bit burnt. The lobster ravioli was nice but was ruined by overly strong bisque, if this came with butter alone it would have been amazing.

The slip sole was so simple, the fish was flaky and came easily away from the bone, the seaweed butter it swam in was also beautiful, so simple but it looked beautiful, just perfect.

Turbot with summer vegetable pistou was a beautiful thick piece of fish. Accompanied by pistou with summer vegetables, beans, broad beans and strong basil.

The last savoury course was the roast lamb, this actually came in two servings, first lamb in a bread crumb batter with a mint dipping sauce, very nice, reminded me of my grandma’s crumbed cutlets. The main lamb dish consisted of three cuts of roast lamb (rack, belly and something else), the lamb was devine, so tender and soft.

For dessert the cherry ice lolly with cake milk for dipping was weird but great, sucking on a ice lolly really suits the casual atmosphere of this place. The milk tasted like a cake milkshake.

The grilled plum with kernel ice cream was also good, the ice cream is made from plum kernels and tastes kind of like almond.

As if two desserts weren’t enough we were then given a tray of four desserts, including a sorbet with popping candy, a chocolate mousse, a little raspberry tart and a nutty cake of some sort. Unexpected and all delicious, simple and fun.

We got far more than we expected, the service was casual, friendly and so knowledgeable. It was understated and warm and the food is amazing, they blew me away.

Tres Cojones!

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