Honest Burgers – Unit 12 Brixton Village, London SW9 8PR

Honest Burger

From surreycomet.co.uk

Honest Burgers is hot property right now, as a regular visitor to Brixton there is always a line to get in, a general buzz about the place at least in South London. The first thing I noticed was they play great music, Prince, Iggy Pop and a personal fave Fleetwood Mac.

Unfortunately that’s were my enjoyment of Honest burgers ended. The menu is simple and consists of five burgers; three beef, two chicken and one veggie.

The main event for me was the Honest Burger, a beef burger with cheese, bacon and pickles. A big disappointment, the meat lacked any flavour and was significantly over salted. The over salting issue also occurred with the chips, these come with a house made rosemary salt and may have been fine chips if i could taste anything but salt. I seriously needed a 2L bottle of water while iI was eating it.

Having said all this my two friends enjoyed their burger immensely and I know have returned so maybe I was just be moody prick that day.

Sin Cojones!

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