Great Queen Street – 32 Great Queen Street, London WC2B 5AA

Great Queen Street


Our waitress was a hipster of the type you only see in Italy and Spain, no tattoos but quite a few piercings, a bit more hippy than hipster. There’s something more real about European hipsters, I know they are just as shallow and stupid as my New Cross friends but speaking a second language always impresses me.

Great Queen Street has a great vibe, its casual, dark and the kind of loud. I love when you can see the kitchen in a restaurant and even hear it a little, you get this with Great Queen Street, its dramatic and I just love that.

Pigs Cheek Terrine, was sliced thinly and quite chunky. I knew this would be good as it’s the kind of dish that Great Queen Street do effortlessly, I’ve eaten here four times now and it becoming one of my go to places because it’s central and you can do the most crazy of all things ‘book’. I did have to ask for bread for the terrine which I expect would have come with it but it was quickly brought.

The Hake with Chickpeas, tomatoes and vegetables, was a great combo. The hake was fried and lightly battered, it was quite a heavy dish in the end as it also came with a beautiful aioli adding to the fat is was consuming. This reminded me of a dish I’ve had in Zucca, not quite as well done but still delicious.

Great Queen Street have a fantastic bar below, you can normally get a seat and the barman does solid old style cocktails. Well worth sticking around afterwards for a drink or two.

Dos Cojones!

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