Workshop Coffee – 7 Clerkenwell Rd, London EC1M 5RN

workshop coffee


Antipodeans do breakfast well, they aren’t stuck in the awful fry up mediocrity that Britain can’t seem to escape. They embrace variety, and going out to brunch is a normal and common occurrence. I guess it comes with good weather and nice cities. When I see people eating outside on London’s busy, dirty streets I just don’t understand the appeal, it’s fucking miserable.

As this place originated in Melbourne I expected a lot. The corn fritters were dry and the kasundi was too much, I love a good chutney but this overwhelmed the eggs and the fritters. This is the dish I kept hearing about but they just didn’t work, the fritters were just boring and nothing worked together.

The week after I ate at Workshop I ate at another Melbourne inspired cafe called Little Collins in Amsterdam, this is what I was expecting and their corn fritters were outstanding.

Workshop Coffee was originally named after their sister restaurant St Ali of Melbourne, there’s no way something this mediocre would survive Melbourne’s amazing cafe scene.

Sin Cojones!

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