Rita’s – 33-35 Stoke Newington Road, London N16 8BJ

The Fried Chicken Roll had the most amazing batter, herby and complex, it was KFC but leagues ahead.

The patty melt was how I remember McDonalds used to taste when I was young and dumb, heavily seasoned and served on thin cut toast with packs of fennel and american cheese. I keep using junk food references as I’m too hopeless to think of anything else and this is junk food, just done so darn well.

The fish taco was also brilliant, I wish fish tacos were more common in London, the deep fired fish was actually really light and cut well by the lime, raw red onion and salad, the taco shell itself was a little different, I will need to investigate what it was as it was darker and redder than normal, I’m sure it wasn’t corn.

The chicken wings were recommended by our waitress, these were served damn fucking hot (temperature not spice) with plenty of caramelised ginger mixed with honey and soy. These were a solid example of wings.

The ox heart taco was our only disappointing dish as the whole dish was overwhelmed by vinegar, I think the onions or maybe a salsa verde had vinegar in it but it was really overwhelming, I could taste nothing else.

The Dalston Superstars serving were actually friendly and seemed to take pride in being a waitress and not your typical indifferent hipster dick.

Apart from the ox heart taco this place is total winner.

Dos Cojones!


Rita's Bar and Dining on Urbanspoon Square Meal

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