Viet Grill – 58 Kingsland Road, London E2 8DP

Viet Grill Saigon Stewed Pork


I’ve made two recent visits to Viet Grill it’s always been a  favourite of mine.

The service is almost always surly but on my most recent visit we scored a fantastic waiter, he was patient, always smiling and he even told us we should order more food, I love it when a waiter suggests this as i’m a greedy son of a bitch.

Although we had a good waiter I feel Viet Grill is lately resting on its laurels, sure the food is still better than most places on Kingsland Road but the servings have shrunk and prices seem to have gone up.

A  good example of this is the Saigon Pork Belly pictured above. This was previously a favourite of mine, but the serving is half of what it used to be, the sauce is minimal and meat not nearly as fatty and succulent as it was. On previous occasions one or two of my dining companions have been a little scared of it, I think this is why it was changed. I say fuck the gewilos and serve if nasty like if should be.

The Vietnamese Pancake was also a fail, it tasted only of butter, very disappointing

The Chicken Bun Sa was a solid but a little shy with the chicken. The Shaking Beef which had previously been a disappointment was actually a more solid effort than the first time I tried it, the beef was tender and marinade very moorish

Viet Grill you really need to lift your game.

Un Cojón!

Viet Grill The Vietnamese Kitchen on Urbanspoon Square Meal

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