Burger & Lobster – 29 Clarges Street, London W1J 7EF

Burger & Lobster

From wai-finder.blogspot.co.uk

Burger & Lobster is a kinda newish place on the hipster foodie radar, they serve just three things, Lobster steamed or grilled, a Lobster Roll and a Burger, there are of course, no reservations. The staff fit the required hipster profile; young, tattooed and hairy. We scored a great waitress by sitting at the bar, an authentic East London cockney, lots of attitude (good attitude), aggressively friendly, blunt and used the word darling a lot. Nothing like the snowflake hipsters you get at Spuntino or Hawksmoor.

Burger & Lobster is in Mayfair, probably the least hip place on the planet, a place full of rich twats and tourists. This does takes away a lot from the place, I imagine it will feel more credible when it opens in Soho and Farringdon shortly.

Burger and Lobster was also predominantly inhabitant by young trendy Asians, photographing their food and from what I could tell talking about it. Are all London food bloggers Asian? Why are they so on the ball when it comes to food hotspots? I always said I should have been born Vietnamese.

The lobster is a generous size, I had the £20 one and that was enough, it was steamed and then grilled. I am just hopeless with extracting the meat from lobsters, I typically have one of friends assist with this as otherwise I mince the poor beast to bits. The lobster was nice but I’m not yet sold on lobster in general, I don’t understand the fuss.

The chips after I got past the first few unsalted ones were fab, much like MEATMarket they were a rip-off the wonderful McDonald’s fries.

I’ll eat here again as I’d like to try the Burger and the Lobster Roll.

Un Cojón!


Burger & Lobster on Urbanspoon Square Meal

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