MEATmarket – The Mezzanine Jubilee Market Hall Tavistock St, London WC2E 8BE

Meat MarketWe went on a Saturday night at around 9:30pm and the place was empty. Maybe burgers are over or maybe it’s the mediocre press MEATmarket has been getting. Having said that it was a cold night and MEATmarket is in a cold draughty market hall.

The good… the French fries are solid and rival my favourite which happen to be McDonald’s.

Unfortunately the new Black Palace burger was not, it’s to meaty and the meat was over seasoned but tasteless, I could just taste pepper. It was also over cooked, too dense, there were too many onions and I really would have liked a piece of lettuce to break up the grease and salt. I’ve heard this complaint about the MEAT dynasty before, but in my experience the burgers at their other establishments have all been solid (MEATLiquor and The Meatwagon).

The look of the place is awesome, it kind of reminds me of Burgermeister. I love the fact the men’s bathroom is covered with graffiti dicks with the word cunt everywhere. I love the generic takeaway posters at the entrance that show awful fast food of the type you’d get from the burger shops outside old street tube.

The place is cool and having quite enjoyed their other establishments I will certainly give it another try but for now it’s a fail.

Sin Cojones!

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