Elliot’s – 2 Stoney St, London SE1 9AD


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Elliot’s is right by Borough market, their approach is to cook the best of the market, meaning the dishes are seasonal and mostly British.

The Squid, Cauliflower and Curry Butter was just delicious, this to me is what British food is all about, taking immigrant flavours and cooking styles to make an amazing British dish with local ingredients. A new and far better take on coronation chicken.

Asparagus and brown butter eggs is the kind of dish I could eat at any time of day and exactly the kind of dish a good cafe should do. Having recently been in New Zealand where they take Cafes and Coffee so seriouly this really reminded me of something you’d find there. The eggs were mixed in with a few crunchy croutons, plopped on top of a bed of bright green asparagus, it looked and tasted amazing.

I have never had garlic bread like the garlic bread I had at Elliot’s, it was so rich and a weird light brown colour, the flavour was a real smack in the face. I loved it, i’m not sure plain old garlic bread will ever cut it again.

The British potatoes with aioli and the British charcuterie were unfortunately very dull and boring when you held them up against the three dishes above. The potatoes were a little tough and the three cured meats in the charcuterie were bland and generally lifeless.

The large dish of onglet with jersey royals and mustards leaves tasted amazing but was incredibly small for what was labelled a large dish. This is a cheap cut of meat so I don’t know why they were so stingy with the serving.

I had the white chocolate cheescake for dessert with a rhubbard and lemon sauce, I have a very sweet tooth so the cake was perfect but the sauce just a little to sour for me.

On a second visit I repeated my favourite dishes from above, and they all stood up on second eating.

The first new dish we tried was the Ricotta Gnudi, Gnudi is essentially a gnocchi made from ricotta and lightly covered in semolina. This I imagine would need to be served with a strong rich sauce to be worth your while, on it’s own it’s bland and hard work.

The other new dish we tried was the Goats Curd with Heather Honey on Brioche. This was a great dish, the honey was sweet and included some nice crunchy honeycomb, a great compliment to the salty goats curd.

Some dishes dissapointed but the good dishes were great, made with simply amazing ingredients.

Dos Cojones!


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