Polpetto – 49 Dean St Soho, London W1D 5BG

Polpetto - Zucchini Fries

From thecattylife.com/

Polpetto closed as of May 26th 2012, they will reopen soon at a bigger location in Soho.

Polpo and Spuntino look amazing, they are rough, cool and most of all interesting. Polpetto is quite boring in comparison, a dull brown room with too much light. I look forward to seeing them in their new location.

The Beef Shin Ragu & Pappardelle was a nice complex ragu, the meat was very tender but not cooked so much that it lost all it’s texture, it also stayed in nice large clumps which is always so satisfying to eat.

The Baked cod, cucumber & chilli was ok but needed more seasoning. I quite enjoyed cooked cucumber which is not something I’ve had a lot of. I’ve been seeing more and more cooked cucumber and even lettuce on menus lately, so far i’ve been quite impressed and I don’t know why it isn’t more common.

Bucatini, tomato & agretti was a great summer pasta, the tomato sauce oozed summer, it was fresh, rich, but still light. Unfortunately the London weather was not accommodating and was of course incredibly miserable so this wasn’t the right dish for the weather, but you just can’t count on London.

Zucchini fries are my perfect dish (i.e. deep fried), much like Zucca’s pumpkin fries a delicious salty deep-fried treat. The Braised lentils were also a solid side dish, cooked in a hearty stock, the perfect food for a cold wet day.

All in all the desserts were very disappointing. The Chocolate tart & hokey pokey was below average, the base was tough and chewy, and the chocolate was not sharp nor rich enough. This was well below our expectation as an Italian Chocolate tart is the stuff dreams are made of. The Marmellata di Arancia Panacotta was a little to stiff, it lacked lightness. I did enjoy the picked orange, it was sweet and sour, just delicious.

Un Cojón!


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