Jamie’s Italian, 2 Churchill Place, London E14 5RB

Jamie's Italian

From eattheearth.wordpress.com

After a day out in Greenwich we ended up in Canary Wharf on a Saturday night for dinner. I expected it to be empty but this souless hellhole seems to attract a big weekend crowd, fuck knows why.

When I ordered the Italian Nachos from the bar menu my companion gave me a horrified look, she used to take horse riding lessons as a child to give you some idea of her social background. The nachos were actually fried ravioli with a fresh tomato salsa, simple but delicious, I really enjoyed them as did my friend with a pony.

The calamari was  also delicious, cooked well with a light batter, it came with a big kick of chilli and a nice aioli. Apart from the aioli this reminded more of the crispy squid you’d find in a Vietnamese restaurant rather than an Italian restaurant which is probably why I liked it so much.

My favourite dish was the baked chestnut mushrooms, baked on a very thin pastry/flat bread with thyme and a smoked mozzarella. This dish is why I love Italian food it’s so simple but the amazing ingredients made it very moorish.

Our last dish was the meat board, an assortment of cured Italian meats that came with some cheeses, olives and caperberries. The meats were all nice but smothered in a little too much olive oil which is an Oliver trait.

This is a chain and I should hate it but I don’t, the food is good.

Un Cojón!

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