Firefly – 3 Station Parade, London SW12 9AZ



I had no idea Firefly, a rather bland looking bar served Thai food. We were looking for South East Asian food south of the river after not being able to get a table at Mein Tay in Battersea or Kaosarn in Brixton.


The Steamed dumplings (Kanom Jeeb) were ok, this style of dumpling I find too dense, the texture of the compacted meat reminds me of dog food. The flavour was decent but these types of dumplings just aren’t for me.

The vegetable tempura (Pak Tempura) was nicely done but the vegetables were cut far to small, leaving you with that annoying feeling at the end of a crisp packet when only scraps are left.

The corn fritters (Tod Mun Pod) may have been reheated, they were quite starchy, not for me.

My main disappointment with the starters were the accompanying sauces, a generic sweet chilli and soy, nothing different or interesting and no better than what you’ll find on a shelf at Sainsbury’s.


The Gaeng Malay Gai is a slow cooked chicken curry in coconut milk, very similar to a Massaman but a little sweeter. I enjoyed this curry, the flavours were strong and complex and the chicken was cooked nicely.

The stir fry we ordered was the Ped Kapew, meat with green beans, garlic, chilli and basil. This dish lacked the bug punch of freshness you expect with Thai food. The vegetables were overcooked and it needed that punch of herbs (a lot more basil maybe).

I enjoyed the Kee Mow, rice noodles with peppers, bamboo shoots and basil, this dish was very hot but was much lighter than a Pad Thai which I find quite a heavy dish. I also don’t like peanuts that much so Pad Thai has never been a favourite of mine.

Having just got back from a trip to Australia where they take Thai food incredibly seriously I should probably give this place No Cojones as it didn’t come close to the Thai I had there. However as our waitress was really understood the menu, made suggestions and was attentive and friendly I just can’t. I will probably go back there as the curries and stir fries are better than what I could do at home.

Un Cojón!

Firefly Balham on Urbanspoon


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