C & R Cafe Restaurant – 4-5 Rupert Court, London W1D 6DY

C & R Malaysian Restaurant

From londonchow.com

I hate when Asian places give you a fork because you’re white. I’ll have you know i’m a god damn fucking expert with chopsticks.

The Roti was delicious, crispy on the outside, moist and oh so soft in the middle. It came with a simple coconut milk based curry, very spicy but not hot, great flavours.

The Char Kway Teow was not great, it was oily and the prawns were bland and chewy (probably frozen?). Actually you could not distinguish between any of the ingredients in this dish, it all tasted the same and that was bland, the dish also missed that smoky wok flavour is should have.

I asked for some chilli sauce to liven up the Char Kway Teow this tasted the same way plastic Tupperware from the pound shop smells, truly revolting.

Sin Cojones!
(Even though the Roti was good)

C & R Cafe on Urbanspoon


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