Spice Market – 10 Wardour Street, London W1D 6QF

Spice Market

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Spice Market is in the new W hotel at the corner of Leicester Square, it focuses on Asian cuisine with dishes from Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, India and more. I went in a little biased knowing this place had recieved terrible reviews and after seeing the clash of cuisines on the menu I was not expecting much.

We started with a mixture of the starters, the Mushroom Egg Rolls and Vietnamese Spring Rolls were both acceptable but nothing more, I did really enjoy the galagal emulsion that came with the egg rolls, it packed a big punch of spicy flavour. The other starter I quiet enjoyed was the Lobster summer roll and for £15 I should have, the lobster was succulent and had great flavour and I like the sour pickled vegetables that came with it, unfortunately the sriracha emulsion was a non event.

The other starters were a bland and somewhat claggy mess, the crab dumplings were tough and crab was overwhelmed with what I think was black bean paste. The Beef Skewers had no flavour whatsoever and were the consistency of baby vomit. The Black Pepper Shrimp also came with a black bean sauce, although there was much more of it, the sauce overwhelmed the prawns and the dish was quite sweet.

The first main we received was the Lobster Pad Thai, to be honest this wasn’t bad, a nice flavour with a good smack of lime. I didn’t get any lobster as my dining companions were Lord of the Flies aficionados and lived by survival of the fittest rules.

The Vietnamese curry was a bland blob of coconut milk, mild and tasteless. I couldn’t tell you the ingredients in this dish apart from chicken and coconut milk, something made the sauce a light orange but I have no idea what. Dining with two Viet’s they were shocked this awful dish carried their homelands name, I took great pleasure in this.

The Monkfish with Wok Fired Chinese Leaf Cabbage was also disapointing, the batter on the monkfish was chewy and unseasoned, the cabbage a piss-weak un-pickled version of Korean kimchi.

I’m not sure I can be bothered talking about the Char Grilled Chicken and Grilled Rib Eye as I don’t want to repeat the word bland over and over again. The Char Grilled Chicken was burnt and the Rib Eye tasted of nothing, the coriander, garlic and sesame sauce once again tasted of nothing.

The only passable dish was the Cod with Malaysian Chilli Sauce, the cod was a fat piece, it was cooked nicely and very moist. The chilli sauce was strong and finally gave a good kick of flavour to the mild fish.

In the end we were so disappointed by Spice Market that when our mains were finished we asked for the bill not even contemplating eating dessert there. Instead we went to Boba Jam for Bubble Tea.

Sin Cojones!


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