Lucky Chip at Sebright Arms – 31-35 Coate Street, London E2 9AG

Lucky Chip


Lucky Chip have a residency at the Sebright Arms until the end of March 2012, otherwise you need to follow them on Twitter (@Lucky_Chip) to find the location of their van.

There seems to be a backlash against the burger in London, people thinking there is an oversupply, if you ask me we aren’t even close to an oversupply. We need this building competition to lift the game of burgers in London and to keep the prices in check.

Whenever I’m at a new burger place I always try the Cheeseburger before anything else. For me everything hangs on this burger, I don’t want to be influenced by unusual sauces, chutneys or any other odd ingredient (foie gras!). I’m not against these different toppings I just like to keep it simple on my first visit.

The Cheeseburger at Lucky Chip is great, the meat is rich, the patty is simple and nicely packed so it crumbles apart.  The juices drip down your arms while you eat it and there is a great abundance of pickles which I always love. The cheese seems all american which of course it should be. The bun, I think is brioche, falls apart nicely but it doesn’t crumble like many brioche buns can.

The chilli fries are also quality, the chilli is not hot but the flavour is immense and the fries are crispy and with skin on.

On my second visit to Lucky Chip they had initiated a weird ordering system, the place was busy but not crazy busy, nothing a normal pub kitchen could not deal with. The waitress came over to our table and asked us when we wanted to order, we said 7.30pm which she wrote down and then gave us a weird convoluted explanation of when we could order, none of us understood what the hell she was talking about and so we ordered when we felt like it. Lucky Chip generally have a process issue they need to fix if they want to serve large numbers.

On this visit I tried the Tom Selleck, a cheeseburger with spinach, fresh grilled pineapple and an onion ring. Pineapple is a magnificent addition to any burger, very common on the burgers I had whilst in Australia, it goes fantastically well with sweet smoky Barbecue sauce. This burger was top level but the meat was over-seasoned with pepper.

I would say I like the burgers at Lucky Chip more than Meat Liquor, and you can actually talk to the person next to you which is nice.

Dos Cojones!

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