Tohbang – 164 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5DU



I’ve been on a Korean food binge lately, whenever I’m given the choice of dinner option I scream for Korean, it’s something about the pickles, maybe the rice (BiBimBap particularly) or maybe it’s the red pepper paste Gochujang,  it has me hooked. I’m even making regular trips out to New Malden to visit the amazing H Mart and cooking Korean at home.

I was excited to visit Tohbang as I had heard good things, the staff on entering were very friendly, seating us at a table and quickly taking our drinks order. The menu includes pictures of a lot of the dishes to help those not accustomed to Korean to select.

The kimchee was outstanding, not too sour with a strong and slightly sweet chilli kick. They also provided on the house small plates of potatoes and aubergines. The potatoes were plain but the aubergine were delicious.

The Modumnamul, which consisted of three pickled vegetables, Spinach, Bean Sprouts and I think radish, all good but maybe a little samey.

Our first main was the Yukhoe Dolsot BiBimBap, raw beef with vegetables and a very lightly cooked egg served in an incredibly hot stone pot. The waitress mixed this for us, adding a generous slurp of the red pepper paste as we said we wanted it spicy. She did not do this for the two Korean ladies sat next to us, I assume she didn’t realise she was dealing with a total Bibimbap expert. This was a great Bi Bim Bap, I always find when it’s served in a stone pot it’s best to order the meat raw as the pot will cook it quickly enough.

My dish of the night was the KamPoongGi, deep friend chicken in a sweet garlic sauce, this was expertly done, the chicken was a great quality and the most juicy dark bits (thighs). The batter was light, nothing like the awful floury mess you get in your local Chinese when you order Lemon Chicken.

To enjoy Korean food you have to like pickled things and Red Pepper paste. As you can probably tell I adore them so this is definitely for me.

Dos Cojones!
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