Bi Bim Bap – 11 Greek Street, London W1D 4DJ

Bi Bim Bap


London in general needs more places that aren’t fast food where you can pop in for a quick-lunch or dinner that’s tasty, fast and you don’t feel uncomfortable dining alone.

I had the mixed mushroom Bi Bim Bap, served in the typical scorching hot clay pot, which crisps the rice. It’s served with lots of vegetables and a very runny fried egg that you mix in with spicy Korean chilli sauce. I love Bi Bim Bap, its hearty and simple and this is a good one.

Controversially I actually don’t like the clay pot I think it cooks the egg too much, I prefer it to remain runny in my rice. I can see the clay pot would be helpful if the serving was huge and you wanted it to stay warm but normally this isn’t the case and the crispy rice doesn’t float my boat, whilst I know others love this.

The staff at Bi Bim Bap are good-natured, friendly and attentive.

Un Cojón!
Bibimbap on Urbanspoon


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