Mama Lan – Brixton Village Market Coldharbour Lane, London SW9 8PR

Mama Lan


Having been to Beijing I found the food quite stodgy and heavy, the food probably suits the temperature as I know it gets quiet cold there. I generally like strong flavours but do find Beijing dumplings too rich, they kind of remind me of Eastern European food,  somewhat like Polish Pierogies.

The Pork and Chinese leaf dumplings were ok, expertly made and fresh but I found the dumpling casing too heavy and the contents quite dry. This is probably the way they are meant to be served but is not to my palate, I tend to prefer south-east asian flavours, still bold but maybe more subtle.

The vegetable balls were ok, they were oddly on the sweet side and tasted to me more like Indian snack rather than Chinese.

The service was terrible, the young Brixton hipster waitress seemed generally annoyed by my presence with no enthusiasm or knowledge for the food. If Mama Lan is going to compete with all the great new offerings in Brixton they really have to lift their game.

Sin Cojones!
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