Ducksoup – 41 Dean Street, London W1D 4PY



Soho gets another hipster, über cool, no bookings restaurant with that half-finished look that’s so popular right now. I’m being snarky when truthfully I love all these places, Ducksoup included.

The fried casava with thyme and aioli was nicer than Kopapa’s version,  it was cut thinner and more crispy. The aioli was also delicious.

Pork in milk with wet polenta – the pork had been stewed for what I assume was a long time (hours?), it was so tender and full of flavour, the meat fell apart when we attacked it with our forks. The polenta was rich, unfortunately not as smooth and velvety as the polenta I had a few weeks earlier at Dock Kitchen.

Finocchiona is a Tuscan fennel salami, it was incredibly tasty, the fennel wasn’t overpowering which we worried about a little when ordering.

Beetroot with dragoncello was nice but just beetroot with a bit of dressing mixed in with cheese. I would not recommend this dish.

I loved the crispy duck leg with salted cucumber, the duck skin was a salty fried treat with so much flavour, the meat itself ranged from tender morsels to stringy dry bits but I loved every bit of it. The salted cucumbers were delicious, they were glazed with something sweet, I’m not sure what but they went perfectly with the crunchy duck.

Dos Cojones!
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