NAM – 58 Dean Street, London W1D 6AL



The broth of the Pho is nice, the beef seems of a better quality than what you usually see in Pho, this is probably why there is not much of it. It came with a decent amount of spring onions and coriander. I would have preferred more vegetables and meat in my Pho, this soup is too noodle heavy, with the noodles being of a disappointing quality.

The summer rolls are big and freshly made, unfortunately the vegetables were old, the iceberg lettuce was wilted and there was too much if it, the same goes for the noodles, these two tasteless ingredients were used to fatten out the roll making it quite bland. There was way too little pork, which was also quite tough. I may as well have just drank the dipping sauce as this is all I could taste.

I would not go here again, with so many other great options in Soho there is no reason to.

Sin Cojones!

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