Pollen Street Social – 10 Pollen Street, London W1S 1NQ

Pollen Street Social

From london.unlike.net

Thankfully this place is not as stuffy as so many of its Mayfair neighbours, the staff are relaxed, warm and friendly and it’s much more enjoyable for it.

The Cauliflower and squid with clear roasted squid juice is served looking very much like a risotto with the squid chopped up into small chunks and thin cauliflower slices on top. The squid was delicious, a very different texture to risotto which confuses you at first. The squid broth was beautiful, this really blew us away, it was a really deep flavour but so clear and delicate looking. The dish is served with radish that has been dipped in squid ink, as soon as you disrupt the radish your broth becomes a cloudy black mess, it still tastes amazing but this does take a way from the dish.

I managed to try my friend’s starters which were all also top-notch, the stand out for me was the Cornish crab and vinaigrette with nashi pear, cauliflower and a sweet and sour dressing. The crab was sweet and sweet and sour dressing exceptional.

For a main I had the Roasted Dingley Dell pork belly and cheek, wonderfully cooked, sticky and melting. The cheeks were a bit richer so I enjoyed them more than the belly though the belly was nothing to complain about, fatty rich goodness. I got a small taste of the Lamb and Halibut which were also great dishes.

Stupidly with dessert I was influenced by our waitress who said her favourite was the plum soup, compressed fig with honey and milk ice cream. I loved the ice cream, it was perfect, creamy and rich, but I never like desserts that consist of boiled fruit. It was my fault for being so easily swayed by our waitress, a blonde French Velma Dinkley.

I enjoyed more the PBJ (Parfait, cherry jam, creamed rice puffs) which really wooed my sweet tooth. Unfortunately the way it was served made it a little awkward, I would have liked a huge slab of this dessert rather than smatterings all over a big floor tile. It was nicer than Spuntino’s Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich but there PBJ is served better.

The tiramisu was also nice and delicate, deconstructed as was to be expected in this restaurant.

Dos Cojones!


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