Dock Kitchen – Portobello Docks 342-344 Ladbroke Grove, London W10 5BU

Dock Kitchen


We went to Dock Kitchen for the special white truffle dinner. To start we had the Raw Sea Bass with truffles, the dish had a lot of salt I think this is because raw sea bass is quite bland. It was a good dish, a good way to get a taste for the truffles but the fish seemed pointless.

Next was Polenta with poached egg and truffles, the polenta was rich, sweet, creamy. The egg super runny, the truffles gave it a nice earthy flavour. An amazing dish, easily the dish of the night.

The main dish was Pigeon with a Leek and Kale Gratin which we had without truffles. The Pigeon was cooked really well, very pink but no blood, the problem with pigeon is its small and you need to eat it with your hands,  I didn’t resort to this but the two cave women I was with didn’t hold back.

Two of us indulged and had the optional cheese course the Brie de Meaux with truffles, it was nice Brie but was way too much at this stage.

The dessert was Panna Cotta with hazelnuts and chocolate sauce. The Panna Cotta was flavoured with some kind of alcohol that made it too bitter, not sweet enough for my very sweet tooth.

The staff were casual, knowledgable and friendly.

Un Cojón!
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