L’Anima – 1 Snowden Street London, EC2A 2DQ


From foodsnobblog.wordpress.com

The spicy tuna and avocado was nice, the tuna itself was exceptionally good but I don’t know why spicy was in the description. The avocado and mango puree were good accompaniments but I guess i’m used to raw tuna coming with ginger or wasabi so this tasted a little meek and mild, I wanted more punch.

The Slow Roasted Black Pig Belly with Cantarata Sauce was a delicious piece of sweet and juicy meat with great crackling. The Cantarata sauce is honey and paprika and reminds me of a Korean red pepper paste but a little sweeter, loved it.

The Hazelnut Bomb was my favourite dish, ice cream with a runny chocolate centre inlcuding hazelnut chips.

This place is very business, it’s quite formal and that never sits well with me. The staff are mostly Italian, incredibly well dressed, lots of black rimmed glasses, very Milan. The food is good but there’s better Italian at half the price.

Un Cojón!

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