Brawn – 49 Columbia Road, London E2 7RG



Parmigiano reggiano – delicious cheese, bit of bite but not too sharp

Saucisse seche – this is quite tough, but a fantastic flavour, I assume the exact same we were served at Terroirs.

Brawn – a pork terrine, very chunky, great flavour, not gelatinous or overly salty like so many are.

Best dish was the hand dived scallop with garlic butter, it came with the nicest pesto I’ve ever tried, a mix of basil and parsley.

The Dorset clams were ok they were swimming in olive oil and that’s all you could taste, it was an amazing olive oil but the accompanying clams, chilli and ham were tasteless.

Whole Dorset crab was good, but for me crab is too much work for too little pay off, very little meat and you end up eating a whole lot of shell. When I did get the meat out it was good, but not worth the frustration.

The floating island was great, a light custard cream and foamy island. The toffee scattered on top was too strong and tasted burnt.

Great lemon tart, the island was better but this is a solid tart.

Dos Cojone! 

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