Terroirs – 5 William IV Street, London WC2N 4DY


From gastroenophile.com

We didn’t have a reservation so we ended up downstairs, it was early evening so we were the only people downstairs at the bar. I could tell Terroirs had a good wine list but I know nothing about wine, our waiter was very good in helping us select a wine, he went through a number of suggestions giving us a good breakdown of each. There were a lot of staff downstairs all speaking French, I have no idea what they were talking about so this irritated me, this is probably not justified.

The Charcuterie selection was great, the Pork & Pistachio Terrine was delicious, it’s quiet a smooth terrine, pate-ish even, it looked dense but was light and seasoned nicely with herbs. The Duck Rillettes were delicious, moist duck without that really heavy fat flavour and texture that so often comes with this dish. I didn’t mind the Saucisson, I always find this tough and dry, I assume this is how the French do it. I’ll stick with Italian and Spanish cured meats.

The Tuscan Raw Steak was oddly not called tartare in a French restaurant, maybe because this seemed to be a much simplier dish when compared to a tartare, there were no capers, onions or egg. It was simple but the meat was delicious.

Un Cojón!


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