Viajante – Patriot Square, London E2 9NF



We started with three snacks the Thai Explosion II, Crab Doughnuts and the Potato Bread and Butter. The Crab Doughnut was stodgy, a thick sponge, and not nice flavour. The Thai Explosion II was far superior, huge flavour and much more delicate.  The bread was nice but what made it were the two butters, one whipped with black pudding and other a brown butter, the brown butter was quite sweet, I loved it.

The first dish was the Squid ink with radishes and sea lettuce, it was ok but lacked flavour and just didn’t do it for me.

I enjoyed the asparagus with milk skin, I had better asparagus later that week at HIX Soho but this was good. I’m certainly pro milk skin, a crispy little treat.

The leek heart with cured lobster and leek consomme was great, the lobster was sweet and fleshy and the charred leek heart also fantastic.

I don’t understand people’s fear of egg yolks, the more runny the better. The egg yolk was served with cod and potatoes, the fish was dense and flaky and the egg yolk brought it all together.

The pork secretos with hot potato gel and cereals was disappointing, the pork was tough and dry.

Of the desserts I loved the Frozen maple with shiso and green apple, it was a  bit granita, a bit ice cream. I didn’t mind the second dessert of white chocolate with grapefruit and lemon.

Yes we had the Chocolate truffle that tasted of mushrooms, yes it was confusing, but I’m just not really into crap like that, that’s why I don’t watch Heston Blumenthal’s awful TV shows.

The staff are very nice and attentive but some are a little hard to understand (thick accents). This is quite an expensive place so not very laid back which I always find a little off putting.

Un Cojón!

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