Spuntino – 61 Rupert Street, London W1D 7PW


From dailycandy.com

Lardo & caperberry crostini
First time with lardo, I’m pro fat, I liked this, it was salty and melted in your mouth.

Egg n Soldiers
Nicely cooked egg coated in breadcrumbs, tasty but it is just a soft boiled egg.

Ground Beef and Bone Marrow Slider
Juicy burger, great flavour, my favourite dish.

Brick Lane Slat Beef Slider
I’m over salt beef.

Truffled Egg Toast
This is very rich, beautiful, but more than a mouthful is too much, very heavy.

Braised chicory & speck
Nice and salty, a very strong flavoured ham. May be too much for some but I enjoyed it.

Eggplant chips with fennel yoghurt
Deep fried crumbed eggplant, you can’t go wrong.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
Peanut Butter ice cream sandwich with raspberry jam in the middle, sprinkling of nuts and toffee. Delicious.

This place has no reservations so you have to wait for a table unless you go at an odd hour like 4pm. The staff are too cool for school, think tattoo’s, fringes and skinny jeans, but both times I’ve been they were friendly and professional.

Un Cojone!


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3 thoughts on “Spuntino – 61 Rupert Street, London W1D 7PW

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