Mirch Masala – 213 Upper Tooting Road, London SW17 7TG

Mirch Masala

From fluidfoundation.com

The Samosas are light and deep fried, not fried then microwaved like so many of the places in Tooting.  The grilled lambs chops are really thin but they taste pretty good, they would have been better if they were fatter and a little pink.

We asked for a hot lamb dish and were recommended the Saag Gosht Lamb, we looked at the waiter oddly when he made this recommendation as we were certain that this is not typically a hot dish. He assured us they could make it hot. They didn’t, I assume they were just trying to offload it. Having said that it was tasty and not overly oily, we enjoyed it.

The chicken korma and masala were also good dishes, bog standard but Mirch does them well.  The places turns tables over fast and is BYO, a good indian. The Service is surly and absent but what do you want for less than £15 a head.

Un Cojón!


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