Barrafina – 54 Frith St, London W1D 4SL



The pimentos de padron, caperberries and olives were nice as expected. The olives are especially good, smothered in a great olive oil and just damn good olives.

Chipirones are little squid battered and deep fried whole, these were good, they would have been better with some aioli but just came with lemon so got a little boring.

The Mozambique prawns were amazing, enormous king prawns, well cooked, so juicy and fleshy. A reminder of what good fresh seafood should taste like.

I would not bother with Marinated chicken wings, wings are better in American /Asian places. The same goes for the Lamb cutlets, this lamb just lacked flavour, the parsnip puree that accompanied the cutlets was really good but the lamb was bland.

Chickpeas and bacon, a nice simple dish with probably the nicest bacon I have ever eaten.

The best dish of the night was the Secreto Iberico. Secreto is a cut near the front leg of the Iberian pig. The pork is pan fried, such a delicious cut.

I enjoyed the Chocolate Tart, nice and rich but nothing to write home about. The Santiago Tart was probably the best of the three desserts we tried. The Crema Catalana was good but too runny.

Dos Cojones!

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