Trullo – 300 St Paul’s Road, London N1 2LH



Grilled ox heart with borlotti beans and salsa rossa
We tried this to be adventurous, it wasn’t bad, the meat was a little tough and I guess muscley. It really needed the salsa to soften it and add flavour.

Grilled quail with quail egg and liver crostini
The little quail scotch egg and liver crostini were fantastic, the liver was especially rich and flavoursome, the best part of the dish. The quail itself did nothing for me, a little quail leg with barely any meat, a toothpick has more flavour.

Bruschetta with Dorset crab, chilli, lemon and puntarelle
I like crab in Asian places but always find when I have it in Italian and French places it’s a little bland. This was nice, but just nice, I think I need a warm climate to enjoy crab.

Pappardelle with beef shin ragu
The best of the starters, fantastic rich ragu that must have been stewed for hours with perfect pasta.

Pork chop with celeriac purée and salsa verde
The pork was moist with a nice char, the fat was salty and not the least bit chewy, overall a delicious piece of meat. The salsa and puree were great accompaniments.

For dessert the Rhubarb and almond tart was delicious, a moist, nutty, perfect Italian cake. The Blood orange cake was dry.

Definitely worth a visit.

Dos Cojones!

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