Roka – 4 Park Pavilion, London E14 5AB



I dined here with two ichthyophobics so I can’t comment on the sushi or sashimi.

My two favourite dishes were the lamb cutlets and chicken rice hot pot. The cutlets were juicy, pink and smoky. The rice hotpot was my favourite dish, it’s hearty, mushroomy, velvety and very eggy. A Japanese risotto, I loved every bit of it.

The vegetable servings are tiny , the sesame dressing on the spinach was simple but great, asparagus should always be cooked on a bbq, very nice. The eggplant was the only disappointing dish. However tasty these dishes were they were ridiculousy small.

The bay back ribs and beef fillet were unimpressive, the ribs were bland, too small and flavourless. The beef fillet was the same, really bland. The Sea Bass was ok but nothing special.

Un Cojón!

Roka Canary Wharf on Urbanspoon


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