Hawksmoor – 57 Commercial Street, London E1 6BJ


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First trip to Seven Dials restaurant, a much bigger bar area, low ceilings, exposed brick, a really nice looking restaurant, a cut above Spitalfields.

My fourth trip altogether to Hawksmoor, loved it the first time but the next two Spitalfields visits were not as great, mostly due to really disappointing service,  a lack of knowledge and being abandoned for long stretches. This time was far better, really attentive, not too chummy, but laid back and knowledgeable.

I had not been that impressed with the cocktails previously, the juleps were kind of bland and watery and the punches were just foul. I have since changed my mind, Shaky Pete’s Ginger Brew was just delicious. Also after spending fifteen minutes in the bar waiting for number 2 to show up I was impressed with the art and effort of the barmen.

On a previous visit I tried the Chateaubriand, maybe it’s because I’m low rent but the best steak is the Bone-in Prime Rib. It was back to old faithful this time and as  always it was delicious. Cooked medium as they recommend, smoky, bloody, tender, fantastic. The best steak I’ve had in London.

Controversy… Triple Cooked Chips are a crock of shit, I don’t know why the British believe these crunchy, cold, dry sticks are the Nirvana of potatoes. Thankfully the Seven Dials branch serves beef dripping chips, a far better alternative, really delicious, but the serving is way to small for £4. I think they are only available at the Seven Dials .

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