Chilli Cool – 15 Leigh Street, London WC1H 9EW

Chilli Cool


I find Sichuan food really boring, oddly I think this is because the flavours are too strong, too sweet and too rich. Sichuan dishes are always too monotonous in taste, texture and even appearance, It’s always a big bowl of oil and gravy with a few bits of cheap meat and a stack of chilli.

Chilli Cool lived up to all of the above. The ‘Sliced beef Szechuan style lavishly topped with chilli & Szechuan pepper’ was a big bowl of bland oily brown sauce with chewy, flavourless and  pretty sparce meat. The King Prawns in Cantonese sauce came on a bed of about 40 chillies, we were not game to eat the chillies, the prawns were shallow fried in their shell and kind of tasted like a KFC Hot wings, this is kind of a good thing.

I enjoyed the aubergine in yellow bean sauce, a nice mix of the salty and sticky, good texture and not served with gallons of sauce, oil or chilli’s.

Chilli Cool is not actually that cheap, yes the servings are huge but really you’re just getting a normal amount of meat and vegetables swimming in a huge pool of sauce, oil or chilli’s.

Sin Cojones!

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