Koya – 49 Frith Street, London W1D 4SG


From londoneater.com

Small Plates: Enjoyed the roast duck and pork belly but servings are small, ok for two people but not enough for our table of six. Also tried the Fish & Chips (cod tempura and lotus root chips), enjoyed the fish but the chips I could skip, to me they were tasteless but others enjoyed them.

Soups: Pork with miso paste soup and cold noodles was tasty, great noodles and a powerful heavy miso. The prawn and vegetables tempura soup with cold noodles was also very good, simplier /clearer broth, very different taste but still very nice.

We had a great waitress that cheerfully explained everything  and answered all our questions. A service charge is automatically added to your bill, we were happy to tip our waitress but two other staff members we spoke to were pretty shit, bordering on rude and I’d not be happy to tip them. Remove the automatic service charge Koya or improve your service.

This place is too expensive for what is a pretty simple soup with noodles but having said that the soup and noodles are great and I will return, sucker, yes I am.

Un Cojón!


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